Jewel Solutions Umbrella services for contractors & temporary workers across the UK.

About us

Jewel Solutions offer umbrella payroll services to contractors and temporary workers, in conjunction with our network of recruitment agencies.

Our friendly team have years of experience working with temporary workers, and we support you through the process of getting paid and managing your tax affairs while working your contract role.

We work closely with our recruitment agency partners to deliver services that ensure you get paid on time and with minimal effort on your part.

Our services

We make things really easy for you with our 4 step process, starting when your recruiter places you in a new role:

Sign up

We’ll ask you to fill in 1 easy application form, which will also ask for your ID and your bank account details (so we can pay you).

Timesheets & expenses

You begin your work and send us your signed timesheets at the end of each week.  You also send us details of the expenses you have incurred while working.

Invoicing & cash collection

We invoice your client and chase them for payment, making sure they pay asap.

Process your pay

We manage your tax, helping you minimise your tax liability by offsetting allowable expenses, and then pay you!

Your contract work

Jewel solutions work for contractors and temporary workers in all industries, with particular experience in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare & Nursing
  • Teaching
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Construction
  • Driving

No matter how long your contract or temporary work role lasts, we will support you for the entire duration, helping you maximise your take home pay and minimise your hassle.

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Here at Jewel Solutions we’re always happy to help, contact us using the details below or complete the form and we will be in touch as soon as we receive your query.